The Transcultural Nursing Theory

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Culture can be defined as a set of values, traditions, and beliefs that are practiced by a particular group of people and passed down from one generation to another. It is a system of rules that are the base of what we are and the and affect how we express ourselves as members of a group and as individuals. We all develop in some culture. Our surroundings determine what we learn, how we learn it, and the rules to live with others. This essay considers the Muslim religious culture. The Transcultural Nursing theory that was developed by Madeleine Leininger states that while it is important to view the patient as a whole person from a psychological, physiological, spiritual and social perspective, it is also important to consider a patients’ culture and cultural background when making decisions on how to take care of the patient. After all, the beliefs and values handed down to the patient from generation to generation can have a greater effect on the patients’ health and their reaction to treatment as patients’ environment and social life. The Transcultural Nursing is a comparative study of various cultures to understand their similarities and differences across human groups. It is a nursing discipline that is an integral part of how nurses practice in the health care today.
Muslims are one of the largest and unique cultures in the world. Healthcare providers have adequate knowledge and experience to interact well with various subgroups that make up the Muslim culture. Most
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