The Transformation In Alice's The Adventures Of Alice

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Alice during her adventures confronts many obstacles, but non of them is as tough as growing up. She through this tale is growing up and changing constantly and that is creating mixed felling inside her all the time confusing her and making her unsure of herself. The main obstacle is the fact that she has to adapt to this new world that she has fallen into, and here enters a theory of Vygotsky that says, “through others we become ourselves.” This theory shows many time in this tale making her change her point of view or adapting to certain situation, for example when she talk to the animals she slowly begins to understand that she has to speak with caution so she does not frighten them and making them go away. Other situation like this is with the caterpillar that he teaches her certain things of live and also about the mushrooms that will help her through her adventures in the wonderlands.…show more content…
This is part of her transformation to being a young adult. Doesn’t knowing who she is and experimenting new things, learning through the adventures may be one of the hardest things that Alice encounters, but is at the same time that she is growing and noticing that she has changed, that she is not the same as before. As she grows up she will began to notice that certain things will not be able to be resolved or that she cannot understand like the Caucus race, the Mad Hatter’s riddles or the Queen’s croquet game. Alice biggest obstacle during her adventures is herself and the fact that she is changing. She is growing up and she does not understands it and it is making the things difficult for her because it is making the “strings” in her head get all tangled up and confusing her. Until in the end she finally gets the hang on it and makes it easier for her to understand in some way the things in the
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