Marlow Character Analysis

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As Marlow continues to tell the story of his adventures in Africa when he was younger, he mentions an interesting character. This character is called the brickmaker and most of the time he is mentioned, he tries very hard to please Marlow to get into Mr. Kurtz’s high graces. This is due to him thinking that Marlow is close to Mr. Kurtz caused by an uncorrected misconception. As the book progresses, he is described as a selfish, greedy man who doesn’t want Mr. Kurtz to obtain power because that would out his job of assistant manager in Jeopardy. Despite the Brickmaker is harmless and not causing any real trouble for Marlow, his description fits that of Mephistopheles due to not only his appearance but also the true intent of his actions. His appearance is also very…show more content…
Kurtz were in an alliance with one another. This caused the brickmaker to press on and eventually bother Marlow to the eventual point in which Marlow decides to mentally shut out all the gibberish that the brickmaker was telling them. This highly differs from the personality of another man with the same name who was called Christopher Marlowe. Christopher Marlowe was able to address the wrongs of his people and did something about and he also always made decisions based on the truth he knows while Marlow knows the truth but decides not to do anything about it. It would be quite unfair if Marlow were to call the brickmaker Mephistopheles because his sense of judgement is quite skewed. Also, unlike Mephistopheles, the brickmaker tries to explain his actions and right his wrongs.
Due to the action committed and the personality traits of the brickmaker, it would be fair to say that the brickmaker is Mephistopheles and the same is true vice versa. These two characters presences emphasize how greed and hatred can bring those from once high grace into nothing more than pleasurable
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