Transpersonal Psychology: Jean Watson Nursing Theory

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Jean Watson Nursing Theory
Jean Watson`s human caring theory is one of the most fundamental theories in the field of psychology. It has been around for more than 30 years and has since then evolved over the years through the concept it holds still remains. In addition to this, transpersonal psychology (TP) is accredited for having motivated Watson to come up with the aforementioned theory. The results of this have been very endearing to the nursing profession since both the nurses and patients have been in a position to sustain a long-lasting relationship after putting the particulars of the theory into practice. For nursing students with a particular interest involving going beyond healing and caring, it is highly likely that by studying this
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It enables individuals to attain a higher order of consciousness by gaining a comprehension that the various states of human cognizance have some healing and evolutionary potential that is greater than any person can fathom. A transpersonal experience ends up being recognized by the parties involved as a state that differs from ordinary consciousness (Clark, 2016). During this involvement, the nurse is in a position to gain a deeper connection with the patient through counteractive interactions that are beneficial to both parties. Watson`s mentor in regards to TP is Abraham Maslow who came up with this approach in the 1950`s (Clark, 2016). In reference to this, Watson argues out that in a situation where the nurses end up treating the patient by offering assistance with reference to fulfillment of their personal needs, such an ailing individual ends up gaining recognition as well as experiencing love and affection thus leading them to gain a great amount of energy that leads them to self-actualization (Watson & Woodward, 2010). She further indicates that when nurses focus on lower order needs they are not in a position to guarantee optimal health to patients (Clark, 2016). Instead, they should focus on higher order needs. It is, therefore, apparent that caring and healing moment not only enables an individual to gain an emotional connection but also manages to ensure that they reflect on themselves; a…show more content…
Some of the important elements the theory addresses are: the caring healing moment, intentionality and interdependence. In regards to the first factor, it is evident that Abraham Maslow offered inspiration to Watson who later came up with the concept. It mainly indicates that nurses should focus more on the higher order needs compared to lower order necessities, since this will enable them to offer the love and affection that ailing individuals desire. Secondly, intentionality creates an intent to act on something. It ensures that nurses focus on the specific factor affecting the patient in order to offer specialized attention. The psychology expert further argues that in order to attain interdependence people have to have a world view of humanity. It can, therefore, be concluded that by gaining an understanding of Watson`s theory, the learners, educators and nurses are in a position to gain a clear conception of how to reinforce caring among
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