The Traveling Pant

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The Sisterhood of The Traveling Pants, written and published by Ann Brashares in 2001, is a book about four friends, spending the summer apart sharing pants that magically fit them all. The cinematic version was released on May 31, 2005, with a similar yet very different storyline compared to the young adult novel. For the most part, the cinematic version did a mediocre job at recreating the basic foundation of the book. For instance, the book starts out with Carmen, a heavier half Puerto Rican girl, thrift shopping with one of her best friends Lena and Lena’s sister Effie. Carmen buys the pants, but throws them in the back of her closet only to be found again at the beginning of summer. All the girls, Carmen, Lena, Bridget and Tibby…show more content…
They arrive and their grandmother is very anxious for Lena to talk to their close friends grandson, Kostos. Since Lena is shy, she constantly brushes and avoids Kostos who is trying to make conversation. Later, she ends up skinny dipping in a secluded pond where Kostos finds her. Lena runs home in distress and tells her grandparents that “Kostos isn’t the nice boy they think he is”. The two pairs of grandparents start to fight over this and that’s when Lena realizes they probably think something worse happened. Then, one day Lena walked upon Kostos skinny dipping in the same pond as she did and that’s when she realized it was his hidden place to begin with. Ever since that moment, Lena thinks about him and wishes to apologize. On her last day, she goes down to the blacksmith shop where he works and gives him a painting of the pond, an apology, and a kiss goodbye. In the movie, Lena goes to Greece by herself and falls in love with Kostos off the bat. After a while in their summer romance, Lena finds out their grandparents are enemies and she’s banned from seeing him. She ends up standing up to her grandfather just in time for a grand goodbye with Kostos before he leaves for collage. Bridget, described as a long and blonde Amazon, is going to a soccer camp in Mexico. In both the book and movie, she goes and tries to impress an older coach, Eric. She spends
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