The Travels And Romances Of Jose Rizal

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The Travels and Romances of Jose Rizal

Rizal doesn’t need any introduction. His life, his accomplishments, especially his death, they 're all something that 's been established in the minds of Filipinos. He 's a national hero. But as an aspiring traveler, what got me really jealous of him is that Jose Rizal is not only a well-traveled man, but he saw the world in those days when airplanes, cars and the internet weren’t even invented yet. Not to mention, he was fluent in many languages, a talent I could only wish I have. The early travels of Rizal, although not that far, developed his traveling side which would be evident as he will eventually venture in greater horizons. Rizal’s starting point, just like on any adventures there has to be a place to start, in his travel it is his hometown Calamba, a town our hero loved so much. At Calamba, taking walks in the night when there was a moon takes Rizal in great pleasure. It was also his first trip on Laguna de Bay and his pilgrimage to Antipolo. They rode a casco, which was also his first time. He did not sleep the whole night because he was amazed by the scenery and the silence of the night.
I never knew he actually traveled a lot throughout his life. I was very amazed and surprised when I learned how well-traveled he was during my Rizal class. His journeys make him possibly the first Filipino ever to have navigated around the globe. More importantly, Rizal was firmly rooted in the Philippines. He always made reference to home
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