The Treasure Of Lemon Brown Character Analysis

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Walter Dean Myers introduced readers to an unforgettable character in “The Treasure of Lemon Brown”. Now who was this character? Lemon Brown was a famous blues singer in the south. He would sing so sweetly that people said he would bring back people from the dead at funerals. His singing carrier ended because he was too successful and now he is homeless. As any normal man he had a wife and a son who he loved and cared about. But everything has to come to an end. Unfortunately both his wife and son died. Lemon Brown had two valuable treasures. You are probably thinking what is a homeless man doing with a treasure? Well, it wasn’t money; it was newspaper clippings and an old harmonica. I know it might not be a treasure to you but it was to him. This treasure was an…show more content…
There was also a young boy named Greg. Brown and Greg met in an abandoned tenement in Harlem, New York. While they were there some thugs went in looking for Brown’s treasure. To scare them, the young boy distracted them with a howling noise. The thugs went up the stairs to see what it was and when Brown had the chance, he threw himself at them. He saved the day and was truly a hero! Lemon was willing to sacrifice himself for Greg. When it was time for him to leave Lemon Brown made sure it was safe. Brown treated him like his son. While their time together, Greg learned a valuable lesson from Brown. A treasure has to only be important in the owner’s eyes. He also learned his da only lectures him because he loves him and wants him to succeed in life. Greg smiled at the thought of listening to a lecture when he came home. He decided to keep this experience and life lesson to himself. The words of Lemon Brown were very wise and showed Greg a different perspective to life. Lemon Brown really was an unforgettable character. He was a hero, he was wise, and a very special man. Brown changed Greg’s life and taught him the most important thing,
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