The Treasure Of Lemon Brown Theme Analysis

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Greg from “The Treasure of Lemon Brown” learns many things from Lemon one of which is everyone has a treasure. Walter Dean Myers portrays a clear message of a treasure is something worth more than money. It is worth love. Lemon is not the best parent in the world but his son loved him and he loved his son. Which we can also infer that Greg’s father is the same way. Greg learns about Lemons treasure and realizes that a treasure is just something valuable to you. Walter Dean Myers shows a theme of everyone has a valuable treasure. For example, “ I’m not looking for your treasure,” Greg answered smiling. “If you have one?” “ What do you mean if I have one,” Lemon Brown said. “Every man got a treasure. You don’t know that, you must be a fool.” This textual evidence shows that Lemon believes every man has a treasure. Greg at first does not believe that at first but when Greg learns the meaning behind Lemon’s treasure he understands. Then, he thinks of his dad and by the end of the story realizes his dad just wants the best for him because Greg is his father’s treasure and Greg’s treasure is his father. All in all, a treasure doesn’t have to cost a lot in money just in love.…show more content…
For instance, “You really think that treasure of yours is worth fighting for?” Greg asked. “Against a pipe?” This demonstrates that he loved that treasure so much he would die for it. Lemon willing to die for the treasure which tells us a lot about Lemons character. Lemon’s son died with this treasure so Lemon feels he still has part of his son and without it he doesn’t. Greg realizes that is the same with his dad. So to sum it up, your treasure is something you would die for like,
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