The Treasure Of Lemon Brown Theme Essay

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Family Values and Corruption

“ Blood makes you related , Loyalty is what makes you family . “ In Walter Dean Myers’ short story “ the Treasure of Lemon Brown “ explores the values of Greg Ridley ; a 14 year old boy who wants to play basketball but can’t because of his low grade in math . Then in John Steinbeck’s The Pearl an uneducated man named Kino found a great pearl that corrupted his values . In both “ the Treasure of Lemon Brown “ and The Pearl , the main characters experience conflicts that change their views on what’s important in life . In “ the Treasure of Lemon Brown “ Greg Ridley wants to play basketball but , his dad won’t let him due to a low grade in math . Greg’s dad exclaims “‘ And you want to play basketball ? ‘ His …show more content…

In the end the text states “ Greg pushed the button over bell marked Ridley and thought of the lecture he knew his father would give him , and smiled . Greg’s smile shows that his conflict is resolved because he understands that his father cares about him and his education . Greg understanding is a result of Lemon Brown’s story about his son and he knows that all fathers are alike - they all want the best for their children . But in the end a chance conversation with a stranger was enough to change Greg’s values so that he values his father more than anything else . However everyone’s values aren’t changed so easily …show more content…

In both stories , both of the main characters lost sight of the values of family and their good intentions . In “ the Treasure of Lemon Brown “ Greg runs into the night to escape his dad and studying , but after a change conversation he sees what his dad wants for him and the love behind it . In The Pearl Kino values a pearl more than his family . but after losing his son he sees the true evil and sin that which is represented . Then finally in the end , one thing people as a whole should never lose sight of their families and that no matter what they do they have good intentions

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