The Treatment Of Humans And Animals In John Steinbeck's Of Mice And Men

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The treatment of Humans and Animals How animals and humans are treated in John Steinbeck’s novel of mice of men.
In the Novel Of Mice and Men, animals are usually treated as a helpful creature and the eventually they get rid of them when they do not really need them anymore. In one of the scenes in the novel Candy’s dog is really sick and Carlson was playing cards with slim until he glanced at Candy's dog and told him that “ the dog is no good no more and he should shoot it” (Steinbeck 47) but Candy says no because he is too close to the dog and loves him and the dog is too loyal to him just to kill him.. Sue Carlson has an idea and it was that he could shoot it himself (Steinbeck 48). Later on the book Candy tells George that they should get rid of him to just the they did to his dog
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Another thing is that he was hit in the back of by a horse (Steinbeck 66). But in one of the scenes on chapter 4 Lennie enters the room of Crooks which Crooks doesn’t like so asks him if he can leave but Lennie doesn’t listen(Steinbeck 66). Later on George comes on the scene and tells Lennie to leave Crooks alone. (Steinbeck 67).
Why humans and animals should be treated wrong. The reason why this claim is so wrong that it makes people not like you is because saying that you want people to treat you and animals wrongfully. For example is when you get into a fight with someone bigger than you and nobody wants to help you because they think you deserve it because they want you to be treated different than them. Also I personally don’t know someone who wants to be treated different than everyone else in this world or anywhere in general.
So suppose you were in a situation that you were able to help a person or animal that is being treated with no respect. What will you do? Will you just leave like you saw nothing or help the person or animal that is getting
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