Summary Of Kate Chopin's Story Of An Hour

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In 1894 life for women was a drastic change from life today. The civil war had ended only twenty-nine years earlier giving African American men the right to vote which made way for women fighting for their right to vote. By this time author, Kate Chopin had lived a large amount of her life both living and observing the treatment of women in society, giving her leeway to write about the treatment women. Chopin writes the “Story of an Hour” about a life-changing moment when a wife finds out about the death of her husband. The main character is Mrs. Louise Mallard who is surrounded by her sister, Josephine, and her husband’s best friend, Richard, in the events after finding out about the death of Mr. Brently Mallard. During the time span of an…show more content…
Mallard and Mr. Mallard and how they interacted. After hearing the news of her husband’s death Louise ran into her room to take in what she had learned, Louise realized something about her relationship with her husband; “She sat with head thrown back upon the cushion of the chair, quite motionless, except when a sob came up into her throat and shook her” (288). That after everything she had safety and a home with Mr. Mallard and now that all these pieces are gone from her life by the sharing of just a couple of words. During her marriage to Mr. Mallard she had seen that their relationship was not always sunshine and roses; “And yet she had loved him—sometimes” (288). Many times, in people, find themselves in loveless marriages or in relationships that are not the same as when they first began. Chopin shows how Louise felt about her marriage to Mr. Mallard, that sometimes in their relationship the was great and Louise love Mr. Mallard and other times things were hard and it made their relationship difficult and challenging. Mrs. Mallard goes to her room after hearing the news of her husband’s demise, only to find herself and who she really is. Mrs. Mallard had trouble understanding what her husband’s death would be to
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