The Treaty Of Versailles And The Treaty Of Versailles

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The Treaty Of Versailles World War 1 officially ended with the signing of The Treaty Of Versailles. The treaty negotiated between January and June 1919 in Paris. The Treaty was written by the allies with almost no participation from the Germans. “The negotiations revealed a split between the French who wanted to dismember Germany to make it impossible for it to renew war with France and the British and Americans who did not want to create pretexts for a new war”(Versailles). The Treaty Of Versailles was what officially ended WW1.
“Part 1 created the covenant of the New League of Nations which Germany was not allowed to join until 1926. Part 2, specified Germany’s new boundaries giving Eupen-Malmedy to Belgium, Alsace- Lorraine back to France, Substantial eastern districts to Poland, Memel to Lithuania, and large portions of Schleswig to Denmark. Part 3, Stipulated a demilitarized zone and seperated the Soar from Germany for 15 years. Part 4, Stripped Germany of all its colonies. Part 5, Reduced Germany’s armed forces to low levels and prohibited Germany from processing certain classes of weapons, while commiting the allies to eventual disarmament as well. Part 6, established Germany’s liability for repairs without stating a specific figure. Part 7, Imposed numerous other financial obligations upon Germany”(Versailles). There was also a 14 point plan the would bring stability to Europe. 1, Open diplomacy - no secrets.. 2, Freedom of Navigation - Seas should be free. 3,

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