Brief Summary: The Treaty Of Versailles

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The Treaty Of Versailles World War 1 officially ended with the signing of The Treaty Of Versailles. The treaty negotiated between January and June 1919 in Paris. The Treaty was written by the allies with almost no participation from the Germans. “The negotiations revealed a split between the French who wanted to dismember Germany to make it impossible for it to renew war with France and the British and Americans who did not want to create pretexts for a new war”(Versailles). The Treaty Of Versailles was what officially ended WW1.
“Part 1 created the covenant of the New League of Nations which Germany was not allowed to join until 1926. Part 2, specified Germany’s new boundaries giving Eupen-Malmedy to Belgium, Alsace- Lorraine back to France,
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2, Freedom of Navigation - Seas should be free. 3, Free Trade - barriers to trade should be removed. 4, Mutilated Disarmament - All countries should reduced their armed forces to the lowest levels. 5, Colonies - People in European colonies should have a say in their future. 6, Russia should be allowed to operate whatever government it wanted and that government should be accepted, supported, and welcomed. 7, Belgium should be evacuated and restored to the situation before the war. 8, France should have any lands taken away from them restored. 9, Italy - The Italian borders should be adjusted according to Nationality. 10, Self Determination - The national groups in Europe should, wherever possible,be given their independence. 11, Romania, Montenegro and Serbia - Should be evacuated and Serbia should have an outlet to sea. 12, Turkey - People of Turkey should have a say in their future. 13, Poland - Poland should become an independent state with an outlet to sea. 14, League of Nations - An assembly of all Nations should be formed to protect world peace in the future” (World War One - The Treaty of…show more content…
However negotiations between Lloyd George of England, Orlando of Italy did not go Smoothly”(World War One - The Treaty of Versailles). Germany’s Navy was reduced to 6 battleships with no submarines, “No Air Force was allowed, but Potential Pilots were trained abroad or using gliders in Germany to educate them In the theory of flying, this did not break the Treaty of Versailles” ( The Treaty of Versailles - History Learning Site). Germany’s Army had to be reduced to 100,000 men, “German soldiers in the 1920’s were signed on for a short contract of service and then put in the reserves once their times were finished. Therefore Germany never had more than 100,000 Soldiers serving serving at one time though Germany did have substantial reserve soldiers which boosted Hitler when he came to power” (The Treaty Of Versailles - History Learning

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