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I. “You’re tired and exhausted, but it’s such an accomplishment that you want to keep doing it and keep getting better.”-Natalie Mitchell, triathlete talks about the challenges of competing in the triathlon. The triathlon is an event that features swimmers, cyclists, and runners. It started in the early 1970’s with biathlons which include swim-run and bike-swim races. Even before this, swimming, cycling, and running became part of a training program in San Diego, California for track athletes. This training program helped athletes with speed, endurance, more balanced muscles, and race strategy. The triathlon started as an official race in 1974, when 46 athletes competed in the San Diego Track Club for a six-mile run, five-mile cycle, and a…show more content…
Pacing is very important at the Olympic distance level because the distance is not too far but definitely not a sprint distance either.
C. The sprint distance triathlon is one of the most popular triathlons because it is completed very quickly.
1. In this race, the swim is 400 meters, the cycle is twelve miles, and the run is only three miles.
2. This triathlon normally takes athletes around 90 minutes to complete.

III. It is imperative that triathletes prepare and train before any type of triathlon.

A. To start, training should last six to eight weeks.
1. This includes an exercise plan as well as a favorable diet.
2. The mental side of training is just as important as the physical side.
a. Setting goals, relaxation, visualization, and positive self-talk help with mental preparation.
3. Training should increase in intensity as days and weeks go by.
4. Lastly, due to the body needing rest and recovery, it is best to not participate in a triathlon twelve weeks ahead of time.
B. There are different types of workouts used by triathletes.
1. To begin, the brick workout focuses on two or three sports that are done after one another with very little rest.
2. Furthermore, doing two or more of the same workout and comparing results is called the benchmark

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