The Trip Short Story Theme

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In the short story, “The Trip”, by Laila Lalami, Murad tires to go to Spain to have a better future. He faces many obstacles, including financial problems and getting arrested by the spanish police. In the article, “ My life as an undocumented immigrant”, by Antonio Vargas, Jose comes to the US at twelve years old to have a better future just like Murad. Jose finds out he is not a legal citizen and spends his life trying to live up the american life. The common theme shared by both texts is to never give up on your dreams.
Murad and Jose both persevere through challenges in order to try and live a better life. Murad gets arrested trying to get into Spain. “He thinks of Aziz, probably already on a truck headed to Catalonia and he wonders if Aziz can make it, why not him?”. (Lalami, 37) If one person can make it to
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Murad’s trip to Catalonia was not succesful but that does not stop him. “It will pay for another trip. And next time, he’ll make it”. (Lalami, 231-232) Murad is determined to suceed and will not let anything stop him from getting there. Jose’s mother wanted abetter future for Jose so she sent him to America with his grandfather, Lolo. “Lolo scraped together enough money - I eventually learned it was 4,500, a huge sum for him - to pay him to smuggle me here under a fake name and fake passports. (Vargas, 14) Even though Jose and his family did not have much money they still managed to get Jose to America so he can have a better life. Overall, Murad and Jose pravailed in contempt of their financial dilemma.
In conclusion, Murad and Jose continued to never give up. Even though Murad was unsuccesful in his first two trip to Spain he does not let that stop him from persuing his dream of a better life. Jose does not let his immigration issue prevent him from living the american dream. Both Murad and Jose are undaunted by the conflicts they face and continue to
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