The Triple Helix Theory

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2.0 Triple Helix Theory
Triple Helix theory of university-industry-government is a globally accepted model for comprehending entrepreneurship, the changing dynamics of academic, innovation and social economic development(Etzkowitz and Leydesdoff,1995).This institutional carriers of innovation, however, constraint each other’s behavior and another layer of functional elations in which they shape each other’s expectations. The aim of the Helix-conception is fulfilled through the resource of the knowledge which produces additional value for society leading the sustainable development.

Etzkowitz and Leydesdoff (1995 and 2000) proposal of the triple helix model was to explain the structural development s in the knowledge-based economy. In most
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2.1 The Quadruple Helix
The Quadruple Helix embeds the Triple Helix by adding as a fourth helix the ‘media-based and culture-based public’ and ‘civil society’. The Quadruple Helix already encourages the perspective of the knowledge society, and of knowledge democracy for knowledge production and innovation. In a Quadruple Helix understanding, the sustainable development of a knowledge economy requires a coevolution with the knowledge society.

2.2 The Quintuple
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The problem that resumes however are that, these institutions do not work in tandem with other triple helix actors, especially industry. Thus, there is the need to utilize a dynamic Triple Helix III development approach as a focal point for Ghana’s socio-economic development. The Dynamic System proposed based on Triple Helix III will:
i. Strive on behavioral view of the significant dynamics of a system, a focus inward on the characteristics of a system that themselves generate or exacerbate the perceived problem ii. Thinking of all concepts in the real system as continuous quantities interconnected in loops of information feedback and circular causality iii. Identifying independent levels in the system and their inflows and outflows (rates) iv. Formulating a model capable of reproducing, by

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