The Trojan Horse In Odysseus Of Homer's Odyssey

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This epic simile compares Odysseus, who is the tenor, to a grief-stricken woman, who is the vehicle. The simile describes the manner in which Odysseus wept as the bard sang the story of the Trojan horse. The simile reveals an emotional connection that Odysseus holds deep in his heart to his fallen comrades during the Trojan War. As he remembers the successes of the Trojan horse, thoughts of his war-stricken friends cross his mind as well. Odysseus always honored his fallen companions, with a particular instance being when Odysseus saluted each killed comrade before setting sail from Troy after the Cicones’ counterattack (Homer 213). Odysseus’ loyalty to his comrades portrays him as a noble leader who is respectful and courteous of his fellow warriors. As Odysseus weeps from the bard’s music, this…show more content…
The simile depicts the Cyclops’ eye as Odysseus forces an olive stake into it. This comparison reveals the helplessness of the Cyclops as Odysseus drove the stake’s tip into its eye. As his eye burst, the Cyclops transformed from an authoritative giant to a powerless, blind, discombobulated fool. This allows Odysseus to be portrayed a powerful and brave because not only of his courage to push the stake into the Cyclops’ eye, but the fact that Odysseus succeeded in turning the Cyclops into a worthless monster demonstrates a transfer of power from the Cyclops to Odysseus. In addition, the olive aspect of the stake is symbolic of Athena’s role in Odysseus’ success because the olive is an emblem of Athena’s presence. Overall, Odysseus’ triumph over the Cyclops demonstrates Odysseus’ valor and bravery through his ability to relentlessly pursue his objectives despite the potential hindrances. This unrelenting passion is a substantial motivation for Odysseus to continue his quest towards his native land of
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