The Trojan Horse In The Trojan War

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The trojan horse was a wooden horse,it was used to attack Troy and it won the Trojan war. The Greeks and Troy were in a battle.“Greece and Troy were at war.” The Greek army tried to trick the Trojans by acting like they left Troy.“Then one day when they saw the greek armies sailing away, they got confused. Soon in few days, all the warships, army tents and armies disappeared. The only thing that remained were the 80 ft tall strange wooden horse.” The Greeks used logic. It helped them because then they won the war.“ There was a big battle and the Greeks won.” The trojan horse was an amazing thing in history. Now here is even more detail about it.
The trojan horse was a wooden horse, it may seem like nothing but i was something amazing. The Greeks left the 80 foot tall horse. “The only thing that remained were the 80 ft tall strange wooden horse.” The horse was hollow and was used for the war. “Trojan horse, huge hollow wooden horse constructed by the Greeks to gain entrance into Troy during the Trojan War” The Greeks tried to many times to get in the walls.
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Now that you know about the horse being wooden, now about how they won the battle with the horse. The Greeks stayed in the horse throughout the night and when they thought everyone was asleep they climbed out the horse.“In the dead of night, when the Trojan were fast asleep, the Greek warriors who were inside the stomach of the horse came out quietly.” Then out of nowhere thousand of soldiers went into the city.“Soon, thousands of Greek soldiers rushed into the city. They killed thousands of Trojans men, women and children.“ The Greeks were led by a leader named Odysseus.
“When night fell, the horse opened up and a group of Greek warriors, led by Odysseus, climbed out and sacked the Troy from within.”Know look the Greeks won with logic, the Trojans thought they were done with war but it ended up as the Greeks who were the
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