Achilles And The Trojan War

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To begin with, the Trojan War is considered to be a myth by many scholars due to lack of discoveries that have been made at the site of the battle, which took place in the city of Troy, located in the far northwest region of Turkey. However, a couple of things that we surround ourselves with today have been named after presumed warriors that fought at Troy. Throughout the years many artifacts have been found at Troy, but it is unknown if those artifacts are connected with the war.
Secondly, the cleaning products named Ajax were named after a Greek hero whose slogan was “Stronger than Dirt”. Following that, the Achilles tendon was named after a Greek hero named Achilles, who was killed by taking an arrow to a tendon on the back of his leg. In
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Certainly the heroes, from Achilles to Hector, are portrayed so credibly that it is easy to believe the story. But is it truly an account based on real events, and were the main characters actually real people?” Cline brings up a good point because we are not well-informed of this characters existing in real life. Certainly, they do exist in Homers story, the Iliad, but there is no independent corroboration of this characters actually fighting in the battle or being named the way they are in the Iliad. Additionally, it is also impossible to know if all the events that Homer talks about in his book happened the way they did. Cline also states “The Greek epics, Hittite records, Luwian poetry, and archaeological remains provide evidence not of a single Trojan war but rather of multiple wars that were fought in the area that we identify as Troy and the Troad.” If more than one war occurred at Troy, and the only war that we are aware of is the Trojan War, then we will not know whether the artifacts found by archeologist during their excavations are associated with the Trojan War or associated with the other wars that took place on that same battlefield or near to…show more content…
Although today, the name of some warriors are used when we refer to some-things but that is not enough to prove the existence of this battle and it should be suggested that the battle between the Greeks and the Trojans should be moved to the realm of myth and poetry until there is more evidence
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