The Trojan War Analysis

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The Trojan War, written by Barry Strauss, discusses the series of events that took place during The Trojan War. Barry Strauss puts forth a variety of different evidence to present the idea that The Trojan War did exist and that Troy is real. In the introduction we learn about the evidence that was found throughout Troy by archaeologists. Strauss lays out evidence supporting the existence of Troy and proves that it was in fact a powerful place that posed a serious threat to Greece. Later on we learn about what life was like for the people of Troy and Greece and learn what caused the start of the war. One of the main causes of the war was the kidnapping of Helen of Troy. This likely caused Greece to want to defeat and conquer Troy. Strauss also gives us insight into the variety of different weapons and armory that was used to protect both sides. Since this took place during the Bronze Age some of the armory used included bronze breastplates, arrowheads, and chariots. By the evidence presented throughout The Trojan War, we can conclude that the epic poems of Homer are not completely fictional and do reference actual historical events.…show more content…
Most historians do agree on the fact that The Trojan Horse did not exist and believe that it was used as a symbol to represent the defeat of the Trojans. Archaeologists have found many pieces of evidence which does suggest that some sort of conflict did take place during the Bronze Age. We are told that Troy was burnt down by the Greeks when they invaded the walls of Troy and there is evidence suggesting that this in fact is true. The way in which Homer describes the events of The Trojan War may in fact be over exaggerated, but do give good insight into what may have occurred during this

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