The Truce By Primo Levi Essay

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Primo Levi is an Italian Jew who survived a year in Auschwitz. He started writing to tell about his life experience. One of Primo Levi’s known work is “If this is a Man” and “The Truce”. Primo Levi is captured by the Fascist Militia because he is Jewish. Race is one of the themes in this autobiography because they are the primary victims of Nazi’s. They are targeted because they are Jews. He is then sent to a detention camp near Modena which also includes Americans and English prisoners of war. There are about one hundred fifty Jews when Levi arrived. Within a few weeks, there are over six hundred Italian Jews. The German SS men shows up later on and tells the Jews they’ll be leaving but no one knows where. The horrifying part is when the German SS men said “For every person missing at roll-call, ten would be shot.” (Page 5 line 15-16) Many people in the camp knew this was a death journey and many of them cried. Some were drunk and some were…show more content…
He tries to sleep but has many questions. He’s told to be quiet since other prisoners are trying to sleep. Right when morning hit, every prisoners are to be awake and to be rushed out in the cold to get their bread. The portion is very small. No one is satisfied and full. Some people started trading. The prisoners use their bread as a source of money to bargain and trade. After eating, all prisoners must shower and clean themselves. The showers were really filthy and disgusting. Primo Levi didn’t even bother showering because he felt it is a waste of time. While Levi felt that, his friend gave him a lesson which is to hang on to their humanity as much as they can and being clean is one way. Levi doesn’t agree to this and he doesn’t want to be controlled by someone. He has no choice right now. Either he follows the rules or he may be killed. The torture these prisoners have to go through. Not only being captured, they are stripped naked, robbed and barely given enough food to
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