The True Meaning Of Love, Love Vs. Infatuation?

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Have you ever been in love? Have you ever felt butterflies in your stomach, random simultaneous thoughts running through your head, and unexpected rapid throbbing of your heart? These are just a few of the countless reactions that we have when we say that we are in love with a person. Love is subjective, moreover, it can mean differently to various people. But how do we certainly define the true meaning of love? If you’ve already experienced having that physical attraction to someone, let’s do a quick recap and understand how our feelings vary between love and infatuation. We are living in an era where people make rash assumptions concerning their feelings. Hastily confessing their alleged love affairs without considering the reasons and probable clarifications regarding their emotions. The distinction between love and infatuation is subtle yet significant. Numerous number people don’t take this into consideration and frequently have a misperception between the two. Love is a learning process of affection that gradually develops over time while Infatuation is an intense sensation that occurs instantly. Consequently, an instance is widely recognized through social media, where one person foolishly concludes that he is in love because he was captivated by a profile picture he recently seen on Facebook. In addition, one familiar occurrence of this misconception is also illustrated in blind dates, where most thoughtless suppositions about love arise. Love desires deeper and

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