The True Tone Of Homer's Odyssey

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Homer’s True Tone It is the world premier of the latest horror movie in America and everyone is waiting to be terrified right out of their seat. However, the room that was hosting this terror fest was decorated with forgotten colorful flowers, bunnies, and hearts left from the previous showing. The intended concept for the movie was to be thrilling, spine-racking, and nightmare inducing, but instead lacked much of that since when every time the audience would glance away they would be exposed to cheerful fluffy bunnies diminishing that horrifying feeling that was intended. Illustrating how important it is to achieve the right ambiance to really establish the base of idea it was intended on making. On the other hand, Homer uses the right tone…show more content…
Fear of failure, of change, or anything of that matter. Homer backs up the claim that heroes are human as they too are faced with the presence of fear. In the excerpt Homer shows us this feeling of fear and disdain by stating, “ We cried aloud, lifting our hands to Zeus, powerless.” (1216) Odysseus, the hero of the story, showing an act of weakness, of fear. Yet, even though he has his heroic moments at times, he still falls to what seems as defeat. Homer included this piece of text to show that all heroes have to start from nothing to get to somewhere. Just as humans have to start at the bottom to work their way up as Odysseus will need to do. This gave Homer something to work off of Odysseus’ character as later he uses his weakness to achieve success. Later the passage states, “My heart beat high now at the chance of action…” This text identifies when Odysseus had the epiphany of completing his plan. With courage being the judge of what separates one from being a true hero. Homer begins this courageous shift in the story when Odysseus states, “My name is Nohbody… Everybody calls me Nohbody.” This reveals Odysseus’ courageous and clever mindset from his previous aura of hopelessness and discouragement. When Odysseus begins his change in approach, the story takes a different feel. With the support of Homer providing the right moment when his alteration as Odysseus begins to turn into the true heroic man he is portrayed as
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