The True Value Of Love In Shakespeare's Romeo And Juliet

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What is love’s definition? Whether love’s description is passionate, serene, or vigilant, love’s outward appearance of how people see it ordinarily tends to be different than its true value of essence. Love is an intense feeling of deep emotions, a divine energy, and an activity that maintains a positive mood throughout someone’s day. Love may be difficult and hard to comprehend during specific times, but it is there to fight against anger and hate when needed. Throughout the beginning of “Romeo and Juliet” by William Shakespeare, there was more than enough sorrow from Romeo’s feelings for Rosaline that he could not bear. It was his love for her that put depression upon his shoulders, for he was the one who fell in love with her before she rejected him. This substantiates that love isn’t perfect for every situation, and it doesn 't solve everything, but when used at the right moment, could change and hearten somebody’s life. After a few days, Romeo’s love for Rosaline was almost nothing compared to his love for Juliet. Act II, Scene 6, “But my true love is grown to such excess I cannot sum up sum of half my wealth.” With Juliet’s love so strong and unimaginably great, she could not begin to calculate the amount of love she feels toward Romeo. Romeo and Juliet had a passive, committed, and an unbreakable relationship, and their love was so young and passionate. Though it consequentially became agitated at times when they tried to conceal it from their families.
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