The True Wrongdoer In Euripides 'Medea'

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Medea, The True Wrongdoer in Euripides’ “Medea” The tragic drama titled “Medea”; written by Euripides is a Greek play about a female sorcerer, Medea, banished by her hometown to be with her love, Jason. Although, this did not work in her favor since she discovered that her lover is with another woman. This does trigger some tension and emotional breakdown within Medea, enough to plan another malicious act that 's very disturbing and would change the reader’s perspective of who’s the victim and the criminal. The truth is, Medea is the real wrongdoer in this story, not her husband, for she became aggrieved, obstinate, and conniving. Once the beginning of the story took effect, the nurse shares her perspective on Medea to herself, giving valuable evidence to further strengthen the thesis. As written, the nurse stated, “And she hates her children. . . She is a deep thinker, you know, and she will not put up with this kind of abuse. .She is frightening.[1]”. This…show more content…
She plans on killing her children because she believes that she is rescuing them from a hand more hostile to murder them[7]. Although this may convince some readers that she does have a heart with a sense of protecting her children, there is also a darker reason for this sinful act. In one particular scene, the Corinthian women begged her not to do this[8], but Medea replied with, “this will cause my husband to feel the most pain[9].” Reading this piece, readers will surely realize that having Jason suffer in anguish was her way of regaining peace, viewing her as the antagonist of this play. It 's strange though how she feels motherly love towards the children like any other parent today, even though the nurse from the beginning of the story said she hated her children. So it seems that good and evil are not just black and white, it 's just the decisions people make between morals and

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