The Truman Doctrine: The Spread Of Communism

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Many Americans post-world war II were afraid of the spread of communism because of their belief in the domino theory, if one country falls then the rest will too. Under external and internal pressures such as the failure of the Potsdam conference Harry Truman adopted a foreign policy during the early years of the cold war ( the late 40’s) called containment. The objective was to stop the spread of communism around the world by creating military alliances such as NATO ,and providing aid to unstable/weak countries through the Marshall Plan. Unfortunately, like many other U.S foreign policies it was effective at times, but also dreadfully ineffective. In order to combat the continuous spread of communism, Truman passed the Truman doctrine, which allowed for foreign intervention in countries affected by Communism. The Truman doctrine had successes such as the Korean War and the crises in Iran & Turkey. On the other hand, it also had failures such as allowing Russian advancement in Hungary and the spread of communism to other countries ( Czech & Cuba).

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