The Truman Show Analysis Essay

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Narrative Elements The opening scene of the Truman Show shows everything in a perfect light: everyone is polite, neighbors are close to perfection, the sky is blue, and the soundtrack even offers chirping of birds, symbols of happiness and a happy morning. Nothing seems to be going wrong and has an image of an ideal life. In fact, this very smooth environment reflects the universe in which everything is organized, as it should be on the stage. There is a built-in side of cardboard in this passage from the Truman Show. The viewer, who knows that everything is artificial, has the feeling that all are falsified in the end. On this plateau, there are actors, additional services, which are the subject of a real production. Even the dog seems to…show more content…
The protagonist has no limits of stimulating reality, which, according to the show creator Christof is the most challenging about the plot. The problems for the crew start when Truman begins the exploration of his inner world and desires, when the show had to reflect on them. When Truman Burbank was young, it was easy to join him under control. However, when he turns 30, he is aware that there are answers beyond his personal understanding. That was the time when the Truman Show had met its end. Yet, one of the themes of the movie is rebellion. Truman had spent 29 years in front of the cameras he even did not know about. His being the key element of the show had turned him to a priceless entity. Without the protagonist, the show would never have a chance to go on. Therefore, when Truman had decided to break free and to start his own life, it was his struggle against his despot, Christof. The Truman Show is a non-linear narrative, as it has various flashbacks to different parts of the life of the protagonist. The narration type is a successful choice, as it helps to exaggerate the effect of Truman’s realizing of the artificial nature of the world he has been living
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