The Truman Show Analysis

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In “The Truman Show” there are 3 different headlines used throughout the movie. “Best Place on Earth”, “Who needs Europe?”, and “Cracking down on Homeless”. The first headline “Best Place on Earth” tries to keep Truman from wanting to leave, they try try to convince him that Seahaven is a wonderful place and there is no reason to leave. The second headline “Who needs Europe?” is shown after Truman reveals his interest in visiting Fiji, an island in Europe, and they try to change his mind on leaving. The third and final headline “Cracking down on Homeless” is shown after his supposed dead father shows up on set looking like a homeless guy without the knowledge of the producers. The producers try to play it off by making the headline “Cracking down on homeless”. All 3 of these headlines show control of Truman by showing that they can make him believe whatever they want just by making a newspaper headline out of it. The media plays a big role in somebody trying to find their true self. The media can change the minds of a lot of people, it can show us how people should act, or should look like, or what the perfect human being is. I do not believe that audiences are weak and can’t resist the power of the media. People can believe whatever they want to, and I know that most people are not completely controlled by what the media says. Truman shows this in the movie by ignoring all of the headlines created by the show. There is a lot of symbolism instilled in the “The Truman
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