The Truman Show Compare And Contrast Essay

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Compare and Contrast Paper Imagine that you were in a TV show that you didn’t even know you were in,everyone in the world can see what you are doing 24/7,like spyers and stalkers watching you all the time about what you are doing with your life and how you are living it… Now imagine that you lived in a perfect community where there was no colors,no fears,same procedure every day,you looked like everyone else, and you receive these memories that no one but you and one other person gets...How would you feel? The Giver takes place in a perfect community where there are no one who is different, Jonas (the main character) gets his job as a twelve to be the new receiver and during his training he receives all these memories that we already know from the old receiver (the giver), he uses these memories to plan or try to escape the community that he now hates. The Truman…show more content…
Some are the same for both shows and some are different. In The Truman Show, Truman is like God in the show,one scene of the book he walks on water just like Jesus did. In another scene, he walks up these long stairs that lead him to the other side and that’s like a stairway to heaven in our world. In another scene, he like dies from sailing from a big storm that he’s been sailing for a while now and he comes from the dead and is now alive again and that’s like when Jesus rose from the dead after three days and the boat is like Noah’s Ark. In The Giver, Jonas is training to be the new Receiver, and he receives all of these different memories that no one in the community has seen except for him and The Giver who gives these memories to Jonas. In both The Truman Show and The Giver, the color red is a main point in both shows, while in The Truman Show, the color red is symbolized for a good liking feeling for Truman, but in The Giver, red is a symbol of fear, war and blood which is not a good bet is a scary feeling for

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