The Truth About Truman Book Summary

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Truth about Truman book review Summary The book The truth about Truman is about a girl named lily getting cyberbullied. It all starts off when two friends Zebby and Amr make a website about their school The Truth about Truman. On this website people are able to post anything they want as long as it is true. Someone has created an account and is posting mean things about lily on the truth about truman website, this person goes by MilkandHoney. Milk and Honey’s first post about lily is an old picture of her in elementary when she was fat. Lily and everyone else see’s the picture and now everyone is making fun of her. MilkandHoney starts posting more stuff and that’s not true but everyone else believes it. This causes lily to ditch school…show more content…
I would like to be zebby because she is the one who found lily and she is nice and she doesn't care what other people think about her or her friends. But then i would also like to be amr because he knows alot about computers and he knows how to set up websites. Literary Allusion This story “The Truth about Truman” doesnt remind me of any movie or book. But it does remind me of something that would happen in real life. For example, people at school call eachother names and make them feel bad. Or they say things that are not true about the person, and the people who are getting bullied get made and tend to do stuff that will hurt other people. Evaluation I like the story it's like real life cause this actually happens and it also has a lot of emotions. But i think the author could of ended the story with more information. For example, like did lily really move schools did all the kids know if it was trevor who was milkandhoney or do they still make fun of lily. There is a lot of things to explain so that way the end of the story does not seem so
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