The Truth In Sir Gawain And The Green Knight

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In the book Sir Gawain And The Green Knight, Gawain must take on a journy to find the grren knight. His journy woulod have many challenges whihc came with obsticales he would have to face.Throughout the story the reader could come to a decison that Gawain is a likable character, even when and if he lies through omisson.Gawain can also teach the reader the importance of telling the truth although it may be difficult. Gawain omits the truth when he choose to take the green gridle frin the hosts wife and chooses not to mention it to the host himself. She claims the gridle will keep him from harm when he wears it, but Gawain soon realizes she was lying in part 4. Thus punishing Gawain for not mentioning the gridle and is punished by the hick of the third blow for his behavior. This shows that when lying it almost always finds its way back to you, anda tiny lie can do quiet a bit of harm to ones self or others.…show more content…
Another example of trust is shown in part 3 when said " So good a knight as Gawain as rightly reputed, in whom courtsey is so completely emboided, could not easily spent so much time with the a lady without begging a kiss, to comply with politeness, by some hint or suggestionat the end of a remark" (part 3 lines 1296-1301), showing that Gawain would be breaking the rueles of courtesy towards a lady. Also becoming romantically involved with her would betray Lord Bertliak and dishonor the code of knightly
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