The Tudors Research Paper

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The Tudors were a family of Welsh origin that ruled England during the late fifteenth to the early seventeenth centuries. During their reign of one hundred and eighteen years, England underwent religious reforms, upsurge of wealth, and prominent progress in the arts. Six monarchs represented the Tudors, each with a unique story. The first Tudor king was Henry VII Tudor, who became king after the Battle of Bosworth Field which ended of the War of the Roses in 1485. The War of the Roses was an English civil conflict over the claim of the throne. On one side, there were the Lancastrians whom Henry VII was part of, and on the other there were the Yorkists. To end the war, Henry VII married Elizabeth of York, thus united the two factions and began…show more content…
The princess Elizabeth was born when instead, everybody was expecting a boy. Knowing that she must give birth to a boy soon to please her husband, Anne got several miscarriages before Henry sparked interest in her lady-in-waiting – Jane Seymour. To get rid of her, Anne Boleyn was charged with treason in May of 1536, for adultery, incest, and plotting to murder Henry VIII. Although these charge most likely had no factual basis, Anne Boleyn was beheaded on Tower Green at the discretion of the King. Immediately after his wife’s execution, Henry married Jane, who was never crowned Queen. She finally gave birth to a son, Edward VI, and died twelve days later from childbed fever. After mourning sincerely for Jane, Henry VIII married Anne of Cleves from Germany in 1540. This arranged marriage lasted no more than a few months due to the fact that Henry did not find his new wife attractive, and was instead interested in the niece of the Duke of Norfolk, Kathryn Howard. Anne wisely agreed to Henry’s wishes for a divorce, and was granted generous sums of property when she…show more content…
Because of his young age, his uncle, Edward Seymour, took control of the country for some time. It was during Edward VI’s reign that England became extremely Protestant, as the King was strongly Protestant himself. Unfortunately, Edward VI fell sick with measles, smallpox with a mixture of tuberculosis and died a painful death at fifteen. Before his death, he granted his cousin Lady Jane Grey the throne instead of his sister the Lady Mary under persuasive efforts from the Duke of Northumberland. Lady Jane Grey was sadly only Queen of England for nine days as a result of the heavy revolts from the supporters of Lady Mary, the rightful heir to the throne. Mary I became the first true Queen of England, and began her task to restore England to Roman Catholicism, as she was a fanatical one herself. She restored the laws to burn heretics. This allowed many Protestants to be burned during her reign, because Catholics that burning “cleansed the soul”, which was the reason why she would later be known as “Bloody
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