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Wednesday Wars Respond to Literature Essay

Have you ever read the book “The Wednesday Wars”, by Gary D. Schmidt? In “The Wednesday Wars”, the main character, Holling Hoodhood, seems to form opinions about people pretty quickly, especially Mrs.Baker, Holling’s new 7th teacher. This leads you to having the same opinion about certain characters in the book. However, you should never judge people based on first impressions. The world contains many people, you never do know who they really are and what they are capable of until you them. At first, Mrs.Baker seemed like an evil teacher. ‘“Mrs.Baker hates my guts”’, Holling told all his family members when he went home. Based on what I read at the time, I thought the same. I thought that Mrs. Baker was an unfair teacher that used Holling to clean her classroom. My opinion about Mrs.Baker became worse after I read about Holling’s
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When Holling’s father doesn’t deliver on his promise to drive Holling to the game, Mrs.Baker offers to, because she know how important it is for Holling. ‘“Mr Hoodhood, I think I could get you there for some of the game.”’ I think that Mrs.Baker had to be really close to Holling to give up her time in order to drive him to the baseball game. She knew how Holling's dad valued his job above all else and she stepped in to fill his spot when he wasn’t doing his job correctly, and I’m not talking about the one that gives him money. I loved how Mrs.Baker and Holling Hoodhood’s relationship was not very good at the beginning, it began to strengthen and become better as it went on. Holling judged Mrs.Baker based on the first day he met her. However, Mrs.Baker continued to surprise him time and time again by showing him kindness, and as the story went on, Holling got to know Mrs.Baker, and she did not hate his guts at all. In conclusion, every person makes mistakes, every person has a story, don’t judge them until you read the pages they
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