The Turn Movie Analysis

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I. Opening credits Title of the film: Turn Year the film was made: 2014- Director: Not mentioned Stars: 5/5 Genres: TV Shows, Military TV Shows II. Focus: What’s the films plot: The plot is of man named Abraham Woodhull. He is a cabbage farmer and he is married to Mary Woodhull and has a child with her. Abraham owes Selah Strong a debt and is trying to pay it off to him but maggots keep getting into the crop and destroying them. Selah is married to Abraham’s ex fiance, Anna Strong. Abraham goes to the Strong tavern, when Selah and Captain Joyce get into a fight. Selah gets blamed for the fight even thought it was Joyce’s fault and is sent to New Jersey. The next day Captain Joyce is found dead in the forest and Major Hewlett believes that Abraham killed him. Abraham’s father who is the judge tries to convince Major Hewlett that…show more content…
III. The cutting room floor. What was your first initial reaction to the film? To the story: I think that it is a really interesting way to show what life was like living in the colonies when British soldiers took over. To the actors: I think that actors portrayed their character very well. In the beginning I thought it was a little weird but it took me some time to adjust to the characters and what life was like back then. Describe your favorite scene: My favorite scene was when Ben and Captain Simcoe where eating dinner together. I think this because it was weird to see how Ben treated the prisoner as a normal man. Even when Simcoe would say something with a smart mouth Ben would ignore it. Yet Caleb later in that scene got very angry at Simcoe when he said something smart and beat him. I like that scene because it shows a big difference between the personalities of Ben and Caleb. Movie Critic: I would give this show a four out of
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