The Turn Of The Screw Analysis Essay

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“The Turn of the Screw” has been analyzed and scrutinized multiple times, each with a different focus. Psychoanalytic criticisms are unique in the way that it is like analyzing the plot and characters of the story the same way a therapist would their patients. Picking apart certain ideas that make people wonder or the things that drive them to find the truth. James gives us an abundance of suggestions at parts of his story that are open to investigation. Throughout the reading, there are opportunities where the reader is able to inspect and examine the ideas presented and find their own meaning. In the story, we’re introduced to seemingly normal characters at first: the narrator, the governess, the master, the maid named Mrs. Grose, and a…show more content…
Her obsession with the undead is what leads me to believe that if the ghosts aren’t real, the governess wishes they were. When she finds out that the man she saw outside the window was named Mr. Quint and that he died before she arrived there. She then jumped into asking questions about why and how it happened. She’s more intrigued by these questions than why he would be outside the window in the first place. When the governess and Flora are outside by the lake and the governess sees the ghost of Miss Jessel across the water, the governess immediately questions whether Flora sees her too. I thought it was interesting that the governess doesn’t stop and question if she sees the ghost first. When she discovers that Flora doesn’t see the ghost across the lake, the governess at once concludes that Flora was lying and she does, in fact, see it. Any rational person would’ve at least considered the idea that the ghost wasn’t real if the person next to them doesn’t see it, but not our governess. We find out later in the story that Mrs. Grose doesn’t see the ghosts either. Again, any rational person would’ve taken this as evidence that the ghosts can’t be real if no one else sees them. Instead, the governess is convinced that everyone else can in fact see the ghosts, but they would rather lie to her and deceive
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