The Two Frida Kahlo Analysis

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The most famous Mexico's artist, Frida Kahlo was born on July 6, 1907, in the house of her parents, in Coyoacan, Mexico City and she died on 1954. She grew up in the house where she was born and die there as well. Her Father, Guillermo Kahlo was born is Germany. He went to Mexico where he met and married Frida's mother, Matilda Calderon y Gonzalez. Matilda is half Amerindian and half Spanish. Frida has three siblings, two older sisters and one is younger. Frida grew up in the low-income family background. When she was six years old Frida Contracted polio, which left her right leg thinner than left one. As a girl, she participates in many sports. In 1922, Frida enrolled in one of the Mexico's premier school, where she was one of the thirty-five…show more content…
I choose her because she was a brilliant female in a society where they wanted women to be beautiful, submissive wives, and mothers. Frida was a modern woman, but her art had an indigenous background. The most familiar genre was a self-portrait and a dramatic view of herself that I liked. Frida's art was controversial and attracted attention. Frida was capable of showing her view of the world. The painting "The Two Frida's" was made in 1939. According to the Kahlo by Andrea Ketterman, Frida completes a self-portrait composed of two personalities. She processes the emotions surrounding her separation and marital crisis. The another part of her person which was respected and loved by Diego with Mexican costume, while other Frida wears a European dress. (Kettenmann…show more content…
Kahlo painted Two Frida's using the element of texture to create interest in the two self-portraits in her piece of art. Frida's figures become focal points of the painting that stand out against the dark and cloudy background which contrasts with white figures. Frida's work usually applied have human blood as a symbol of union. Contrast is a principle of design. The painting also has the contrast between the static, unmoving portraits and the rhythmic flowing clouds moving behind them. They're balance and symmetry in Kahlo's art as well. She chooses to place the two large figures side by side to create equality by repetition. In "The Two Frida" the hearts of the two women lie exposed and are connected to each other artery. The things she saw and experienced throughout her life led her to the dramatic artworks that flowed from her crush.
Kahlo's harsh life produced compelling images that challenged society. She was wise beyond her years and a fiery, rebellious spirit. Instead of going to the doctor, she painted pictures that made people talk and discuss. Now she is recognizable over the world for her unique
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