The Two Rivers In Joseph Conrad's Heart Of Darkness

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This essay will focus on the novella Heart of Darkness by Joseph Conrad. The essay has two sections. Section A of the essay will look at the significance of the two rivers in the novella Heart of darkness, it will further on explore the physical environment of Europe and Congo, it will also explain the colours of some characters and how they were judged according to their skin colour. Section B of the essay will focus on the psychological symbolic aspects of darkness in the novella, how the imagery and language Conrad contributes to some of the major themes in the novella. Specific reference will be on the psychological journey that both the main characters Kurtz and Marlow, the madness and the ‘heat of darkness” that lurks in all men. The will be quotes from the novel that will be given and examples from the sources consulted.
STUDENT A: Busi Masondo
Heart of Darkness is a novel that exposes the myth behind colonization. Whilst exploring the three levels of darkness that the protagonist Marlow encounters namely, the darkness of Congo, the darkness of the Europeans cruel treatment of the natives, and finally the incomprehensible darkness within every human being. It is believed however that the author Conrad himself was exposed to the brutality of the Europeans attitudes in the Congo when he worked as a captain of a steamboat on the Congo River.
According to, (M, Ramsing)” Conrad as shown through this novella was disgusted by the cruelty, futility, and lust for ivory.
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