The Two Types Of Love In The Canterbury Tales

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In the Canterbury Tales, there are two types of love that is expressed. The two types can be recognized as romantic love and courtly love. Throughout these character introductions, the readers are able to see which people are involved in these types of relationships. The Wife of Bath is one of the only characters in the Canterbury Tales that is a perfect example of romantic love. Although both kinds of love are present in the middle ages, times have changed and the way society looks at these types of love are completely different than what they use to be. The first type of love that is most mentioned in the Canterbury Tales, is courtly love. Courtly love is a medieval european literary conception of love that emphasizes nobility and chivalry; chivalry is bravery, military skill, generosity (in victory), piety and courtesy to women. Courtly love contains no sexual intercourse. It is for those who need to be with someone for their own good. For example, a rich women would need to marry a rich man even if she is in love with someone else. To relate this to the middle ages, a “knight practically worships her. In fact, his love for her makes the knight stronger and more honorable” (Shmoop). Saying this, the women in the relationship is not truly in love with the knight. She is only using him for her personal needs. This also explains to why there is not any sexual intercourse between the two courtly lovers.
The next type of love that is popular is known as romantic love.
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