The Types Of Literature: Romanticism And Modernismo

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Fernando Pessoa once said in his book The Book of Disquiet that “Literature is the most agreeable way of ignoring life” (116). Sometimes in life, every person finds himself stocked in an awful situation. Literature has a lot of purposes in our lives, but the main one in my perspective, is that literature gives us amazing stories and novels among others that help us to escape from reality in the most interesting and beautiful possible way. Personally, the only type of literature that can got me caught and makes me want to read it until the end are amazing stories that are romantic and unreal. From myths to novels, authors have given their lives to delight us with stories that transport us to different realities and different worlds that makes us, simple mortals fall in love. Let’s see these type of literature as ¨drugs¨ because I believe that some people are really addicted to them. So I asked myself where did these types of “drugs” came from? After taking Intro to Global Literature I know there is no simple answer for this question. However, I will make my best effort to illustrate my readers the most complete answer I can. On the following paragraphs you will find my thoughts, analysis, and summaries on three authors of the two movements that started the making of our actual “drugs”: Romanticism and Modernismo.
First of all, I think it is necessary to point out the history behind both movements. According to Crystal Harlan’s article “El Romanticismo en la Literatura” in
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