The Types Of Love In Tough Love For Children

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What is love? Love as defined in Oxford Dictionary is a strong feeling of affection: babies fill parents with intense feelings of love’ ‘their love for their country’. Basically, there are many types of love. The most common type of love that we know and widely we use by most parents for their children is tough love. Tough love also is a philosophy which is to help parents in manage their children in any scope. This term also refers to numerous parent’s support in create the principles of tough love. It is for support the parents in dealing teen those always problematic.
Besides that, there are many parents have found helpful in raising a troubled teen which is tough love. Tough love is an approach to parenting. Actually, it is developed to help avoid the tension in dealing with the teenager who is acting out. It might make us feel weird because of tough love can help the parents in handling their children, but as we know and when we correctly understood, the tough love approach is to make a responsible teenager in every way.
According to the Tough love philosophy, parents are the ones with the dominant power in a family. In addition, through the tough love also, the parents will increase the chances a child will grow into a well-rounded and successful adult. With the combination between discipline and warmth, the youngsters are more to develop skills such as empathy, application, and self-discipline. As we can see, sometimes the social problem among students

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