The U2 Incident Cause Effects

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U2 Incident Cause Effects Charizma Harrington-Johnson Fountain-Fort Carson High School Abstract Page In this essay I start off by summarizing what the U-2 Incident was all about. The hook of the introduction is pretty whack. There is a lot of lovely background information with a well thought out thesis statement. When and where did this happen? Was it in America or the Soviet Union? Who knows? In the next paragraph I go on to talk about the cause of the war. Why the war significant? What caused this? What events took place that led to the U-2 incident itself? These are the things that the essay answers. We know who was involved but who exactly was in the U-2 incident when the crashing itself took place? What were their mindsets?…show more content…
The 1960 U-2 incident happened during the Cold War on 1 May 1960 (just around my grandma’s birthday), during the presidency of Dwight D. Eisenhower and the premiership of Nikita Khrushchev when a United States of America U-2 spy plane was shot down in Soviet airspace. The aircraft that was flown by Central Intelligence Agency. Pilot Francis Gary Powers was performing aerial reconnaissance when it was hit by an S-75 Dvina (SA-2 Guideline) surface-to-air missile and crashed in Sverdlovsk (in Union Soviet Socialists Republic). The United States of America thought they were going to hide their initial intent but didn’t really succeed. All of this took place near Aramil in the Soviet Union. The objective behind, what you call a successful mission, was to intercept America’s U-2 spy aircraft, basically messing up their mission. An American U-2 spy plane is shot down while conducting espionage over the Soviet Union. The incident derailed an important summit meeting between President Dwight D. Eisenhower and Soviet leader Nikita Khrushchev that was scheduled for later that month. The U-2 Incident is very significant, not just to the cold war, but to the United States of America because Nikita Khruschev wanted to wreck relations between the two countries, Eisenhower was president at the time, and Khruschev announced that he would no longer deal with the United States of America until Eisenhower was out of

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