The UN Nations: The Role Of The United Nations

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The role of the United Nations and its mission, vision, and values: The United Nations has a great role because it is regarded as the unifier of many states and many population. It is a representative for inter-governmental organizations in the world. Its role can 't be replaceable by a regional or an international organization. The United Nations plays a great role in maintaining peace, promoting collaborations among countries and providing security. The United Nations major mission is keeping security and peace, its vision includes preserving security and equal human rights in addition to management and reform. This international organization includes 193 flags which represents peaceful in its unity and coherence in its diversity. The UN can make an action on the varied issues that conference the humanity such as; security and peace, human rights, terrorism, gender equality, food production, development and governance. Select three key parts of the UN of which will include the ILO, UNICEF, UNDP - provide a brief description of the work of each: ILO: stands for the International Labor Organization. It was established by 1919 peace conference. The ILO 's main function was creating an international labor, thus the major objective of this organization is simply to improve the social condition all over the world. It depends on league of nations membership. ILO is regarded as the only tripartite organization in UN. UNICEF: stands for the United Nation Children 's Fund. It

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