Gattaca Compare And Contrast Essay

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Compare and contrast essay There are many ways The Uglies and Gattaca has in common and their differences. Gattaca was set into the future world. They are both set under control by this secret spies society. The ways that the book and the movie that include the same. In the book of Uglies and the movie, their setting both sets in a strict professional ways. The setting in the book, the pretties live in their fancy mansions. All the buildings a huge and tall. Alike the office Vincent works at. It is all shiny and clean because the people can investigate if there were invalid people involve who are no allowed in the work area. Everybody expect you to act a certain. As you being program to be. Some of the differences between the movie and…show more content…
They fought and escape from being tracked down by the special. Who wanted to return them to pretty town and do the operation to ease all of their memories. After the smokes was destroyed. They went back to the ruin and created their own new homeland. They made it out staying in the own home. With the help of Jerome his dream becoming an astronaut and get to go into space came true. When tally was back in the Ruins. Maddy, David’s mom made an experience on a cure to turn pretties mind back to normal. To find out if the cure worked. Tally confirm to g back to pretty town and turn pretty. Allowing David to get her back to the Ruins to test out on the cure if it would work. Tally sacrifice herself to make up the fact of her betrayal to Shay and the rest of the smokes. And getting Shay to turn to pretty because of her coming there in the first place. Vincent never had to make the sacrifice. Jerome gave him flood, his urine. When he was to be tested on his identity. He just had to pretend to be Jerome’s identity. While he worked on his goal. When the day came for Vicent to go off into space. The friend he was using him as a valid identity. Jerome, who sacrifice his life so Vincent could finish his work and to go on becoming an
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