The Ugly Noo Analysis

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This essay will discuss the theatrical production play of The Ugly Noo Noo. Through the production play written and performed by Andrew Buckland, this essay will be discussing how the theatrical forms found in the play; have influenced the socio political context of South Africa during the time it was written. In the essay, it will discuss the elements to support the following statement. The key features that will be introduced into the essay of physical and poor theatre are; improvisation, imagination, mime, images, sound, character change, narrative and satire. In poor theatre the key features discussed in the essay are; physicality, functional set and characterization of characters. In this essay, the socio political context in connection to the form of the play, will be discussed when talking about the Apartheid government was like during 1988 during Apartheid, and how Buckland demonstrated this context through his chosen form in the play.
In the play The Ugly Noo Noo, Andrew Buckland uses the form of Poor theatre and the influence of physical theatre in his play. The play is a one man play, with various characters played by one leading actor. The play starts off with the first man by talking to the audience while demonstrating how he used the lawnmower with his body when explaining what he discovered (‘The Ugly Noo Noo’, 1988). Since the play is influenced by poor and physical theatre, Buckland uses many ideas from both concepts. The first example from the play that is
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