The Ugly Princess The Legend Of The Winnowwood Analysis

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1. Give us a short summary on what The Ugly Princess: the Legend of the Winnowwood is about. Summary: What would you give up to become breathtakingly beautiful? Princess Olive could become that beautiful whenever she wanted, but at a steep price – the loss of her magical powers. For Olive is the last of a magical female race and is determined to remain a Winnowwood no matter what it costs her. And the costs will be high. The Ugly Princess will take you on an amazing adventure filled with twists, turns and an ending that will take your breath away because it is also a love story of the most unusual, magical kind. (If you would like something longer, I can provide it.) 2. You have a deep love of fairytales, which one is your favorite and why? One of my favorite fairytales is The…show more content…
Apart from Olive, which character in the book was the most interesting to write about? I love the character of Bart. As a man, he is fighting similar stereotypes as Olive since he is short and unattractive, but he does it with such wit and charm, yet, is brave and has a lot of integrity. 5. How did you come up with the unique lore of the Winnowwood? That is a great question as it was a slow process as I wanted to think of something that hadn't been done before. It just slowly evolved as I outlined the story and kind of grew bigger and bigger. The lore and legends of the Winnowwood will get bigger and more expansive in the sequel. 6. What is the message that you want to leave with readers after they have finished the book? That who you are as a person is far more important that what you look like. 7. Your book contains all the classical fairy tale elements, but still manages to stay unique. Did it take a conscious effort on your part to sidestep all the genre tropes? Yes, it did and thank you if you think I accomplished that. The more I grew to know Olive, however, the easier it did become as Olive is such a unique heroine that she dictated a new world to write

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