Assignment Analysis: The Ultimate Attraction Advertisement

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Smriti Setia 001690083 Written Task 2 Essay Prompt: How does the text conform to, or deviate from, the conventions of a particular genre, and for what purpose. Text 1 Text 2 In 2002, BMW made the headlines due to the company’s use of humour in it's The Ultimate Attraction advertisements. The genre of this advertisement is humour. The purpose of these advertisements is to use humour to promote the brand BMW as well as its products. The particular genre used in these advertisements is humour. The Ultimate Attraction collection would appear in magazines as it uses sexual wit, which may be appropriate for adults, instead of the general audience. These adverts of adverts conform to and deviate from the conventions of humour in the advertisement industry. The Ultimate Attraction adverts conform to the conventions of humour in advertisements by using sexual wit to grasp the audience’s attention, but deviate from the conventions by objectifying both men and women and by using the strategy ‘sex sells’. Sexual wit is used in The Ultimate Attraction adverts to seize the audience’s…show more content…
Many automobile adverts have images of a car model at a low angle and use diction such as ‘sleek’ and ‘fast’. In The Ultimate Attraction adverts, the product that is being sold — the car — plays an insignificant role. The size of the car is small and stuck on the objectified person’s face. Suddenly, it feels like the saying, ‘sex sells’ is true. BMW is somehow trying to tell the audience that, “If your man — or woman — looks like this car, the sex will be more pleasurable”. The Ultimate Attraction advertisements deviate from the focus of its product it needs to focus on, which is to sell cars independently, and use men and women as objects to increase their
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