The Ultimate Safari Analysis

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Through analysing The Ultimate Safari and The American Embassy, the writers ' messages are effectively brought out by the physical and psychological journeys. Through the psychological journey experienced by the narrator in The American Embassy, the message of having and believing in one 's own identity is shown. Through the physical journey in The Ultimate Safari, the writer brings across the message of the importance of hope against all odds.

In The American Embassy, the writer illustrates the psychological journey the main character experiences as she begins to discover what she really values in her life. Initially, she is sure of her decision to seek asylum in America, where she can reunite with her husband. She puts in extra effort to queue outside the American embassy even before the doors open, ready to stand for hours under the hot sun. (pg16) Her initial decision is due to what is deemed the "correct" path to take, which is a standard operating procedure for many Nigerians. They "had woken up early— those who had slept at all— to get to the American embassy before dawn" (pg18), hoping to get a visa and start anew in America. During her wait, she constantly attempts to "keep her mind blank" (pg16), like her doctor instructed her to, but is unable to refrain from picturing "Ugonna 's small, plump body crumpling before her" (pg17). She was so dazed "she did not fan herself with a magazine or swipe at the tiny fly hovering near her ear" (pg16). Even before this, she
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