The Ultimate Understatement In The Office

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The Ultimate Understatement is presented as simple-minded and forceless individual who makes them an steady character. There commonly known as an afterthought, never to be chosen first in the game of life. They start from failure, but as time comes, they slowly build there back up the ladder of success. With nothing going on for them, The Ultimate Understatement is limited to an average Joe lifestyle were one day, they will be given the opportunity to rise to the occasion and conquer what lies in front of them. This character isn’t always looked as the hero in the story. They are often viewed as the sidekick or just a journeyman along for the ride, that is until their given their shot at opportunity. In the television show “The Office,” Michael Scott is a regional manager who runs a paper company that provides paper for other companies in the local area. There is always conflict who will be the next manager and the two main candidates for the job are “Jim Halpert” who is well liked by Michael and everyone else in the office, then there is Dwight Schrute. Although Dwight has many great qualities such as, leading the sales team in paper sales, expressing his interest in the job for many years and even being known as the “assistant to the regional manager,” he still isn’t given the opportunity until later on after…show more content…
This character is unique in their own way. They may not always be the most reliable of a character, but in the end, they get out of the situation causing the story to take a positive turn. They learn from their mistakes. Their potential is unimaginable. The Ultimate Understatement rises to the occasion when the hero’s power starts to fail. As the story develops, they create a cherished bond with the reader because they allow the reader to create factually evidence on why they can conquer the situation that lies in front of
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