The Umbrella Short Story

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Tristan was an orphan with kindness, an umbrella, and hope. His parents had loved him, but had left him at an early age. The umbrella he cared for and had done monologues to everyday was the last memory he had of his parents. It portrayed shelter of all the rain and sadness that came upon him, similarly to what parents would do. It was red alike ruby, identical to the color of his mother’s lipstick, and wide, just parallel to his father’s grin. However, just as easily it could be mangled, Tristan’s parents could die.
Tristan was a tremendously copacetic 9-year-old. Consequently, the orphanage would make all the orphans do a great deal of work. He didn’t deserve this maltreatment.
One rainy night, he decided to run away, with his umbrella, of course. He discreetly opened the front door of the
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John is an only child and keeps begging his mother and I for company, and now he’ll have it,” said Mr. Trust, John’s father.
“Yeah,” said John, and his mother nodded.
“John would sure love some extra company,” Mrs. Trust said.
Tristan, his read umbrella, and the Trust family went to their house. They lived in a medium-sized house that was comfortable, and easy to maintain.
“Would you like me to take your umbrella for you?” asked Mrs. Trust.
“No thank you. I’ll keep it with me for it is my most prized possession,” he replied.
She nodded, and Tristan went with John up to his room.
“I like your umbrella.”
“Thank you, I cherish it very much.”
Days passed by. Then weeks, and then 3 months. Everywhere Tristan went, he would bring his umbrella with him. Tristan was very protective of it. That is what caused jealousy between the two boys.
One day, John got tired of the love and affection of Tristan to the umbrella. He had felt not cared about. So he decided to show Tristan that the umbrella didn’t mean anything and that people, like John, we more important. So, he took Tristan outside, where it was raining, and yelled at
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