Reflection About The Movie Unbroken

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Reflection: There was a movie also based on the book Unbroken, that I had read. I have watched and read both the versions, I thought they would be quite similar. However, I was confused as some parts that were in the book were missing in the movie. I think the director didn’t include those parts as the movie would have been very long if they were included. What inspired me was the fact that this was a real-life story, there is nothing better than reading about someone so strong regardless of what had happened to them. Even though Louie had survived the war, I could picture how much pain and stress he had gone through when I found out that he was surviving with PTSD and Alcohol addiction this only made me think of him as greater than ever.…show more content…
What they do not realize is how much this can affect the children’s brain, not only will they feel pressured or stressed but, also they may also go into depression when they fail to prove that they are winners. A child going into depression is not what a parent would want to see. Not only this, but majority of the parents force the kids to go for subjects or careers that they may not like or prefer. Being a parent we should understand our children instead of pushing them to win, we should give them the freedom to choose what they want to be in the future instead of saying do this and be that. Moreover, childhood is the only age we are able to enjoy and have fun doing activities so why are the parents taking away the golden age of children. When we grow up, we will not even have time for ourselves let alone our families. This is basically torturing them from the time they are born, how can we expect them to be happy when we decide everything for them? Not every child is keen on learning; they may prefer having fun, being free and not objectified with what they do. Parents should know better as they were once children as well. Before putting them in such a huge competition, we should put ourselves in their position and see how they
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