The Uncharted Forest In Ayn Rand's Anthem

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Symbolism is a way to enhance the reader's comprehension on the message they are trying to give. Symbolism acts as webbing between theme and story. Its able to cause the reader to have a visual representation of a certain concept. This is what Ayn Rand was able to articulately do. This literary element was able to help distinguish anthem to truly be apart of the dystopian genre. Anthem was able to give different places in the story a deeper meaning. “ We do not wish to look upon the Uncharted Forest. We do not wish to think of it.”( ). The Uncharted Forest in the story symbolizes all of the bad events that took place in the past that is to not be spoken about. When you give the reader a visual representation of a concept, they are able to put themselves in the situation and relate.…show more content…
We shall be forgiven for anything we say tonight…” ( ). When you think of a light bulb lighting up, you think of an idea popping up. Then the idea leads to questions causing the light to brighten up everything that was darkened. Which is exactly what Ayn Rand was trying to reveal to us through symbolism. It causes everyone to understand it in their own unique way. In this story, the author was also able to make a living being be used as a symbol. There was a person who was considered perfect and was called The Golden One. “ We think that in the wisdom of women the Golden One had understood more than we can understand.” She had the image of being the key that opened the door to many possibilities for Equality. Symbolism appears many times in Anthem. Ayn Rand had the ability to give settings and people deeper meanings that we could understand ourselves. It helped us deepen the understanding of the point she was trying to make. Symbolism is a good literary device that could be used to distinguish a novel to be apart of a dystopian
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